Hello and welcome to my visual sketchbook: to log all the art ventures I immerse myself in. Snippets of my work can be found on here along with classes I teach, exhibitions I am inspired by and anything that generally makes me smile.

Please beware I am not the best and 'once in a blue moons' are plentiful here. Have fun looking and feel free to drop me a line with your comments. You can if you so wish follow me on Facebook Angela Lai Yen - Printmaker and Textile Artist.

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22 May, 2012

Stitching names....

I've been itching to show you a commission I've done for a Christian present recently. I'm actually really pleased with this piece: a mixture of free-motion embroidery and hand stitching along with pretty embellishments. Fingers crossed the receivers like it too.

At the moment, my sewing as taken a back seat but don't worry I am doing little bits. I'm enjoying writing on my trusty husky star so watch out for more stitched names and messages....

P.S Another text piece I was pleased with: a shop sign for a particular lovely haberdashery sewing school.......can you guess which one? I love the retro colours here.

20 May, 2012

Jenny Life Studio and Gallery

Phew.......crikey what a busy week its been; my weeks are normally pretty full but this week was jammed packed. I've had some lovely adventures though, one being rosette making at the Frome WI with the Millie Moon team. We were invited to go along for a making and demonstrating evening all themed around the Jubilee. Everywhere is going red, white and blue Jubilee crazy and I'm really enjoying it as these are my colours: just look the prints I sent off to Jenny Life Studio and Gallery. 
Jenny Life studio and Gallery is a lovely little treasure of a gallery tucked away on the Christmas Steps of Bristol, its definitely worth a visit. 


06 May, 2012

Larkhall Open Studios

So far I'm having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, today was spent in my studio in the Black Swan, enjoying numerous cups of tea and chat followed by a visit to the Frome Flea and then up to Catherine Hill Artisan Market where I drooled over the beautiful handmade pieces on the stalls. http://www.stcatherinesfrome.co.uk/artisan-market/ 

Okay admittedly I didn't get much work done.....but I had a lovely day.

Tomorrow will be spent at my Bath Artist Printmaker studios in Larkhall as part of the Larkhall Open Studios (sorry I was suppose to mention this to you before...what can I say.... memory....sieve....sorry.) Please come along if you are in the area and see what we get up to.
A small selection of my work will be on display alongside other talented printmakers at the studio. I will be in the afternoon, possibly printing away and getting messy but always ready for a chat.