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24 September, 2012

Workshops a plenty.

Crikey smokes...... its no wonder I'm feeling a little worn out recently - first there was a 'Teach me...' at Millie Moon followed by my Textural Mono print class and then another 'Teach me...' but this time in the Wells store. All in the space of a week, phew I've really enjoyed myself and met some lovely people but I could do with a sit down!

Josie mastering the press with Jo mixing her inks in the background.

Just look at the lovely work Josie and Jo have produced. I'm very impressed with their stencils which really makes the print.

Sarah, Lindsey, Meryl, Liz and Karen all learning to sew with me at Millie Moon, and coming out with lovely cushions at the other end, well done ladies. Just look at the concentration on their faces!

09 September, 2012

Handmade Fayre and the lovely talented artists and makers.....

 After a good few days off, a Birthday, a trip to the Paralympics and a nice relaxing day out in Clifton Village, I feel refreshed and ready to put my head down really for more words and prints. First though, some quick snaps of the Handmade Fayre and the lovely talented artists and makers who took part. The weekend was a lovely one and already there are plans for a Christmas one - sorry I said the 'C' word!!

I told myself I would stay strong but I couldn't the work was all so very lovely and I indulged a little. Oh well.

Jessica Palmer

Jo Lucksted

Suzanne Leather and Julia Davey
Suzanne Leather

Julie Ball
Caroline Walsh Warring
The work of David Birks and Madeleine Town
Kerrie McNeil