Hello and welcome to my visual sketchbook: to log all the art ventures I immerse myself in. Snippets of my work can be found on here along with classes I teach, exhibitions I am inspired by and anything that generally makes me smile.

Please beware I am not the best and 'once in a blue moons' are plentiful here. Have fun looking and feel free to drop me a line with your comments. You can if you so wish follow me on Facebook Angela Lai Yen - Printmaker and Textile Artist.

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28 February, 2012

Spring in the Barn......

A event to be pencilled into the diary...... Saturday 17th March , 'Spring in the Barn' in Mells. Come along it will be a lovely day (fingers crossed for sunshine and smiles) at the craft filled Barn, where I will hopefully have a stall with prints, stitched pictures and maybe even a craft pack or two.

19 February, 2012

Patching and 'to-be quilting' away....

Another project I have on the go (along with everything else) is making not one but two patchwork quilts. Im still only learning with patchwork and by no means an expert but I love bringing fabrics together and finding different colour combinations. (Also they make perfect presents, just as well seeing as I have two Birthdays coming up in March, hopefully the recipents will not be reading this!

Matching up colours for quilt two....

14 February, 2012

Home Sweet Home Range

A little before Christmas I was experimenting with creating text on my sewing machine using freemotion embroidery and I happened to make a Home Sweet Home plaque, it was just for fun and I didn't think anything of it. Now Im creating a range of them.

Ive always had a funny relationship with colour and only until recently have I gone wild with it - I love matching different combinations of colour and like harsh clashes that really stand out.

07 February, 2012

Sewing Class at Millie Moon

Oh dear well what can I say - one of my many New Years resolution was to keep on top of my blog......my excuse is that Ive been busy running sewing classes at Millie Moon however this is only half true. I, in actual fact forgot my password to my blog, what a numpty...

Heres a picture of the talented ladies who attended my Free-motion Machine Embroidery class at Millie Moon Sewing School, I was very impressed by what was created by Kelly Lewis, Carol Paniccia, Patricia Mettica and Jess Hyde.

Sorry for the bad lighting - may be time for a new camera.