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Please beware I am not the best and 'once in a blue moons' are plentiful here. Have fun looking and feel free to drop me a line with your comments. You can if you so wish follow me on Facebook Angela Lai Yen - Printmaker and Textile Artist.

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22 October, 2011

September Monoprint class

I do work backwards, don't I? Either that or I am really really loosing my memory. Anyway heres some pics of the Textural monoprint class I taught back in September - it was great fun, inspiring, messy and the people were lovely - Jo Butt, Jess Short and Monzte, thanks all for coming. There will be another class in the new year.

Monoprint by Jess Short

17 October, 2011

Pretty studio............

Today I realised there was a feature in Somerset Guardian about myself and Rachel Ann Bird and how we are new arrivals to the Black Swan, Frome. It was a lovely write up and even a nice picture, I am actually looking at the camera and my smile isn't crooked either!! A first so I was pleased.

Pictures of the studio too. Sorry stock levels are low so the space will be ever-changing and hopefully a tad bit more exciting.

10 October, 2011

Printing houses......

Recently I've even managed to get into the print studio and experiment with etching and layering them with monoprint, I'm concentrating on texture and my very very simple house silhouette. Not even a bird insight!!

Okay, maybe there are one or two birds making an appearance.......honestly they must of crept in whilst I was not looking!


Ooooooooooooops Ive been a bit slow on the blogging recently but busy on the creating front. Ive now moved into my new studio and even been buzzing away at my sewing machine working through the beginnings of a new theme. Houses!! Surprise surprise, I will say however these are slowly evolving and becoming different to what I normally produce. More stitch and embellishments to come.............