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Please beware I am not the best and 'once in a blue moons' are plentiful here. Have fun looking and feel free to drop me a line with your comments. You can if you so wish follow me on Facebook Angela Lai Yen - Printmaker and Textile Artist.

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06 April, 2016

Frome Art Fair

A lovely space in Rook Lane Chapel with some of my new lino cut prints. Thanks for all who came, chatted and liked the work. Keep you posted on the adventures for next month.

07 September, 2015

Textures in Printing Class

Just had to show you some work produced from workshop-attendees at my recent Textural Mono print class. It's a class I love teaching - lace, bubble wrap and even the corrugated side of cardboard allows for some fascinating textures. In this particular class subtle earthy colour palettes emerge alongside striking use of stencils. Truly lovely prints. Very inspiring.

I hope to run another class in the autumn for those who may want to join the fun.

Happy Monday,

30 August, 2015

Luke Jerram - Withdrawn

Needed to share what I discovered on my country walk through Leigh Woods, Bristol today - a collection of abandoned fishing boats nestled amongst the trees. The colours and peeling paint invited me in and I couldn't help but smile at this surprise encounter created by artist Luke Jerram.

03 August, 2015

Bath Artist Printmakers in Alkmaar, Netherlands

Over the summer some of my prints have travelled north to Holland in a BAP group exhibition. The Grafische Atelier Alkmaar is celebrating its 40th anniversary and invited print workshops throughout europe to participate in an extraordinary festival in the Grote Sint Laurens Kerk in Alkmaar. The event includes exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations, discussions and lectures centred around printmaking. BAPʼs response to their invitation is to send an archival box containing some 30 prints produced by our members and for three of our members to participate in week long residencies. This is an exciting opportunity to see how similar studios operate in Holland, to exchange ideas and views on how we may both continue to survive and hopefully maintain a dialogue in the future.


04 July, 2015

Some wedding related Lino-cuts....

Lets start a conversation like we are old friends and not worry that some time as passed......
So back in Springtime I was asked to design and print a few wedding lino-cuts, not something I normally do but I thought why not - I do love text. This got me thinking to create a few simple but heart felt phrases all centred around loved ones. Here are just two of the prints in that range along with a lino block detail. Hope you like.

I am teaching more Beginners lino-cut classes as well as Colour Reduction lino-cut, swing your eyes to the right for details on this page or alternatively visit http://bathartistprintmakers.co.uk/courses/. (Sorry for the plug!)