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26 October, 2012

Felt and the Great Create.

Well where do I begin.................
First let me fill you in on the gaps - that would make the most sense. First there was a great deal of cutting and packing of kits in preparation for the Great Create with Millie Moon Boutique. An entire day spent speed crafting and jelly rolling racing with amazing crafters: there was sewing, glue-ing, cake, chatter, prizes, bunting and smiles all around. It was a truly fantastic day all in the aid for charity.
Read more at  - http://milliemoonshop.blogspot.co.uk/
I was teaching the Millie Moon crafters to sew Christmas decorations from felt. The concentration levels of some were amazing and there were lots of neat stitches!

So then after the Great Create I got a bit of a Felt addiction - this is coming from someone who when I was younger could not stand Felt. I did not like the touch of Felt and the way it squeaked and I certainly didn't care much for Fuzzy Felt kits - look at me now. I've cut so much Felt recently I feel like a cat with fur ball in my throat!!

My desk in my studio and Felt into crafting kits, you can find them in Millie Moon Boutique.

 Anja of Knopf Designs trying out my Felt creations! Giant Felt moustaches just in time for Movember.

If you would like me to fashion you a giant moustache, in any colour, do pop on by to my studio in the Black Swan Arts, Frome. I'm the one with the blue door and the bunting. Bye for now.

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