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29 March, 2012

A finished quilt.....

I know I said I would slow down with the sewing and concentrate more on my prints but look look look, I've just today finished my first of two quilts.........a bit later than planned but oh well. The last few days I've been very disciplined, even with the sun shining (I was happy just to know its there).

I will say patchwork quilting is no easy task- thank goddness for safety pins, it also takes a lot longer than expected but I'm hooked. I loved matching up colours and putting the fabrics together, and wrapping yourself in your quilt afterwards is just bliss. I must admit I'm quite pleased with it and I will be sad to hand it over.

Now on for finishing quilt two........


  1. It looks really nice Angela, well done.

  2. Thank you Carmen, thats lovely of you to say. If you've never tried your hand at patchwork quilting, I suggest you do - you would love it, its so much fun!

  3. never slow down :)
    i sometimes feel overwhelmed with all my loves. jewelry, painting, quilt making, ceramics. but i simple can't eliminate any of them. i've found they each come around when they want to, and then i have no choice but to let them in.
    here's my quilt :)
    love your work :)

  4. Thanks Deborah, I feel the exact same lots of loves and ideas, and too little time. I wont slow down....okay well maybe just for tea and cake:)